Estonian Dark Rye Bread

By: Esto Etno Fine Bakery
16 oz.  Large curd cottage cheese
5 oz.    Sour cream
4 oz.   Salted herring, cleaned from the bones and chopped; pickled herring would work also
1/2 small  Yellow onion, finely chopped (could use 1 shallot)
½ tsp  Dill, fresh or frozen, finely chopped
3  Boiled eggs, chopped
3-4 springs  Green onion, diced
Instructions: Mix all ingredients except boiled eggs and green onion, top slices of bread with salad, decorate with boiled eggs and green onion and serve immediately. Salad could be prepared ahead of time, but onions should be added right before the serving to avoid overpowering onion flavor.