Past Vendors – No Application Fee

I will be participating in the 2018 market season:*
I will be attending opening day - April 8, 2018*
Please upload copies of any 2018 licenses, certificates, permit and liability insurance:
Additional Uploads:
Additional Uploads :
FARMERS: Please note that we will need to conduct a farm visit PRIOR to the start of the market. You will need to contact us to set a date for our visit.*
Additional Comments:
I understand that the application fee has been waived but that a $20 fee is due each week at the market. Vendors are required to maintain liability insurance, provide proof of insurance, copies of certificates or licenses, sign the hold harmless clause below for the Avondale Estates Farmers Market and agree to the rules and regulations outlines in the application packet. Vendors will be requires to provide their own 10x10 tent, table, and sign, trash bag, trash can, hand sanitizer, cleaners and paper towls. Trash will be taken with them and recycling separated unless taken home:**